Bobi Wine is worried, by Mpuuga’s posture.

On Thursday, the NUP leadership called upon Mpuuga, who also serves as the party’s deputy president for the Buganda region, to step down from his position as parliamentary commissioner.

The decision was based on accusations of corruption and abuse of office. However, in a statement released on Friday, Mpuuga denied the allegations of fraudulently receiving a Shs500 million ‘service award’ from Parliament.


Their disagreements, especially regarding their working methods, have received extensive coverage in the media. Mpuuga perceives that certain individuals within the party are deliberately antagonizing him.


During an appearance on Big Talk on Next Radio on Saturday, Dr. Patrick Wakida, the executive director of Research World International (RWI) and a political analyst, stated that NUP and its leadership may have a valid point in their concerns, but they have mismanaged the situation.


He expressed his disappointment, calling it an ugly and unnecessary witch hunt.


“I would not call this Hon. Mathias Mpuuga issue corruption. I would call this mismanagement of authority by those who gave,” Wakida said.


Wakida also questioned Mpuuga’s impact on the NUP party. If Mpuuga does not have a significant influence, then openly criticizing him may be permissible.


However, he cautioned that there is always a price to pay when conflicts are aired publicly.


Michael Mabikke, a former NUP member, claimed that Mpuuga possesses better credentials than Kyagulanyi, leading to an ongoing dispute between them.


“Bobi Wine is worried. He is intimidated by Mpuuga’s posture. Me nurturing Bobi Wine was an accident. What is happening in the party is populism,” Mabikke stated.


Mabikke further added that President Museveni must be pleased with the current situation, as the opposition’s struggle lacks strategic leadership and has been derailed.


He suggested that if he were Museveni, he would take a vacation in Bados or Miami. Mike argued that the opposition is weaker than ever and blamed their deviation from the original objectives.


He criticised NUP’s attempt to malign Mpuuga, stating that it is not being done in good faith.


Even if Mpuuga refuses to resign from his position as parliament commissioner, Mabikke claimed that there is nothing NUP can do about it. He suggested that the party should focus on continuing their political activities instead.


“Whoever goes to the public and says that Mpuuga benefited from a corrupt act is only being populist and witch-hunting. It is also not a misuse of office or power. It is within the law,” Mabikke explained.


A former presidential aspirant, Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba, commented that given the current situation, there is no way Mpuuga can work with his boss Kyagulanyi , even if someone like Jesus were to intervene.


“He is a Vice President of Bobi Wine, but the exchange they have had means they can’t work together again. The issue now is when they say, Mpuuga go, who is going with him? People think that Bobi Wine is everything. That is what they did to Kizza Besigye too. When you do that, you kill the party,” Baryamureeba said.


Baryamureeba suggested that Kyagulanyi is attempting to tarnish Mpuuga’s image because he views him as a threat.


He stated that Mpuuga brings credibility to NUP and Kyagulanyi, and if Mpuuga refuses to resign, more action can be expected.


Baryamureeba believes that Kyagualanyi’s camp is striving to minimize Mpuuga’s power …

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