Israel’s war on Gaza updates: Patients flee Nasser Hospital under fire

Humanitarian advocate and physician Mads Gilbert says according to his contacts at Nasser Hospital, hundreds of patients and medical staff have been forcibly displaced by Israeli forces.

“Altogether, 600 people were forced by the occupation soldiers to move … to one of the three buildings, which is the oldest. There is only one elevator working. They had to carry patients by hand, carrying them on their backs. And now they are crammed in the narrow corridors of this building,” Gilbert, who has previously worked in Gaza, told Al Jazeera from Oslo.

“They say that the situation in the hospital for the patients and the staff … is unbearable. There are constant attacks.”

Gilbert shared a text message he received from the ground reporting “shooting and bombing everywhere” around the hospital.

“Please stop this madness, stop this war,” the message read. “This is a hospital facility, not a battlefield.”

  • The Israeli military raided Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis, firing on the facility and expelling patients and medical workers from one of the last functional hospitals in Gaza. Israel has said it was searching for captives and fighters, while Hamas and medical groups have denied that armed groups utilise the facility for military functions.
  • Hezbollah continued to exchange fire with Israel, launching several salvos of rockets towards the northern Israeli town of Kiryat Shmona.
  • UNRWA has said that 17,000 Palestinian children have been separated from their parents in Gaza as a result of the war, underscoring the heavy toll that Israel’s assault has taken on Palestinian children.
  • Yemen’s Houthi rebel group carried out further attacks on commercial vessels off the coast of Yemen, with the group’s leader praising the “big impact” that such operations have had over the last several months. The group says that the attacks are meant to exert pressure to end the war in Gaza.

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