Over ten Women are stocking the Late Cecilia Ogwal’s Seat

The Late Cecilia Ogwal

Following the untimely passing of Cecilia Barbra Ogwal, who held the position of Dokolo District Woman MP, the political landscape in the region has been stirred with over ten women expressing interest in succeeding her.


With different political parties gearing up their strategies to secure the seat, the focus is particularly intense within the FDC, where there’s a resolution to pass the leadership mantle to the late Ogwal’s daughter.

The Electoral Commission, on Monday, February 12th, 2024, issued a roadmap, setting March 21st, 2024, as the date for the by-election to fill the vacant position. This declaration has ignited a flurry of activities among aspirants and their respective political parties as they gear up for campaigns and mobilization efforts.

Amidst the bustling political activities, sentiments within the FDC highlight a strong desire to honor Cecilia Ogwal’s legacy by having her daughter continue her work. This sentiment underscores the deep respect and admiration for the late MP and her contributions to the district.

As the election date draws closer, the political landscape in Dokolo District is poised for heightened competition, with each candidate vying to secure the support of the electorate and carry forward the vision and priorities of the late Cecilia Ogwal.

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