Rwanda Launches Technology Center to Drive Africa Innovation

The vision of this centre is to shape the trajectory of Rwanda’s digital transformation through progressive technology governance that is agile and human-centred, in order to respond to the most pressing challenges for us as a country and for the broader benefit of Africa.

As we work to create more intelligent, connected, and resilient societies, the centre has prioritized data governance as a foundational enabler for growth.

Today, we are launching our Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in partnership with the World Economic Forum.

Africa has a young generation of innovators

Home to the world’s most youthful population, Africa is producing a generation of future innovators, entrepreneurs, and government leaders who have grown up surrounded by technology.

Many young Africans have been surrounded by cutting-edge technology since childhood: they may have only conducted financial transactions using their mobile phones, and know drones as the primary delivery mechanism for blood and medical supplies.

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